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Precision Sales America

"Our Nation's Leader In Sales Performance Reliability"

PSA Services The Largest Independent Supermarkets Catering to Over Seventy Million Multicultural Consumers across America

At the beginning, middle and end of the day, all of the most knowledgeable and experienced grocery industry professionals know the largest and most frequent consumer grocery shopping baskets in America are those shopped by the U. S. Multicultural marketplace. Since its inception in 1992, Precision Sales America has focused exclusively with the independent supermarket space in the support and championship of client product shelf presence, key competitor product shelf presence, client & key competitor product case movement, in-store sets, resets, merchandising, proactive selling, sponsored grocer relationship management initiatives, along with the rest of the necessary and detailed blocking & tackling for the very best and most discerning major consumer packaged good manufacturers interested in multicultural consumer sales leadership.



In the service thereof, Precision Sales America has enjoyed extraordinary and continuous success in the highly concentrated multicultural markets of:

  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida

With added market expansion commencing in September 2020 into:

  • Maryland
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Arizona

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About Us

Since opening our doors in 1994, Precision Sales America (PSA) has been America's leader in providing full-service retail, consulting, and individual store level operations, advice & guidance with a focus on initiating & improving multicultural sales development for national consumer packaged goods manufacturers, super regional consumer packed goods manufacturers and exclusive Grocer Exchange grocers across the nation. Leveraging close to three decades CPG & Retail Independent grocery industry experience, our retail product placement, shelf auditing, in-store analytics professionals and sales development teams reliably handle and perform all of the blocking and tackling at the independent supermarket store level to ensure client products are properly presented and positioned to perform to peak levels 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 52 weeks a year.

When you work with Precision Sales America, you associate yourself with America's finest, highly skilled sales professionals who powerfully & reliably champion the best interests of the great consumer packaged goods manufacturers on Earth.

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