Precision Sales America

Precision Sales America

"Our Nation's Leader In Sales Performance Reliability"


Grocery Consulting & Marketing Services

Precision Sales America is the only Inner City Multicultural Sales Development Company in the country that is:

  • Fully automated;
  • Consistently cognizant of shelf withdrawals in shopper product selection ;
  • Real Time collection & transmission of cash register data;
  • Unique shopper product selection databases by individual consumer;
  • Product, category and brand performance by client & Key Competitor;
  • Recognition and communication of low movers & slow movers;
  • Real-time recognition and communication of forecasted out-of-stocks;
  • Nomad integrated DSD distributor automated sales and product needs communications;
  • Integrated electronic sales automation directly tied to some of the largest wholesalers in America;
  • Grocer level trade marketing communications, monitoring, compliance and product case movement optimization;
  • Unique, direct to Grocer CPG trade discounts via The Grocer Exchange Easy Guide program;
  • Along with all of the reliable advice and guidance demanding CPG clients deserve, expect and all too often don't receive.

Technology Leadership

PSA is the only independent Sales Organization in America with access to MarketWatch Data & GEX Next Orbit Real-time Store Performance Data Collected & Reported by individual store location & Group.


  • Real-time Direct Recommended Orders transmitted and received by independent supermarket owners and managers in shopper product selection ;
  • Those very same recommended orders being integrated into the grocer's ordering system and reconciled by the GEX-Next Orbit Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform for immediate shopper product selection  electronic automated sales ordering directly to that grocer's wholesaler in real time;
  • All of this data and information at your fingertips, superbly designed and organized within a customized system of dashboards and structured reports immediately and always available when you need them and where you want them directly and remotely;
  • Demand planing that can be reconciled in real time;
  • Absolute networking specifically design to eliminate voids, forecast out-of-stocks and in the process eliminate all of the revenue and profit shortfalls associated with these two retail operations demons;
  • Actual monitoring of special packs, displays & modules;
  • Being able to ask a question and discover if it is question you have, we have the answer you seek, good or bad.

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